September 19, 2014

Tiny Pirate fan

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Look at this little cutie! Doesn’t she look like she is ready for the football game tonight? This is the Little Coffee Bean sweater that I knit when she was born last December to my friend at work. She was able to wear it a little bit in the spring before it got warm and it still looks good on her this fall.

IMG_8518  IMG_9415

September 17, 2014

Good day for a shawl

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It was a cool morning so I decided to wear my Orenburg shawl. I finished it in April but never took a photograph. The pattern came from piecework magazine 2011 and it was called a snowflake scarf. I wanted to knit a stole so I made the scarf pattern 3 repeats wide. It is one of my favorite knitting projects I’ve ever made.

September 8, 2014

Finished Wingspan

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Here is my finished Wingspan shawl after blocking. It is going to be so cool this week I might get to wear it!

September 7, 2014


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Love my new blocking wires. The gold Wingspan shawl has been finished for months but never blocked. The snowflake lace scarf is going to be grafted into an infinity scarf but I wanted to block it first. I want to wash and block all my scarves and shawls so they are ready for fall wearing.

August 24, 2014

Totally addictive knitting

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This is my sock yarn blanket. Hard to believe these are leftovers from projects I have knit. Most are socks, some are scarves or shawls. This is just going to be lap blanket sized but I love it already.

November 15, 2013

Baby blanket delivered

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I thought Amy was going to deliver before I got this blanket to her!  I’m pleased with it, I think she likes it.


It ended up being about 36 x 38″.  I’m going to miss having it on my lap.


November 11, 2013

Lace was made by all

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Got home yesterday afternoon and am enjoying a snowy Veterans’ Day at home while I put all my stuff away, smile over my finished objects, and wind more bobbins.

I finished 3 Christmas ornaments: one large red bauble and two small white bells.  The red one was started back in August at the last guild meeting I attended and I didn’t touch it again until the retreat.  But it’s finished, I love it, and I just wound bobbins to make it again.  This time I’m going to change a few elements.


I love the little bells,  I’m going to sew on a bead or two for the clappers since I wasn’t in the mood to make a tally.  These turned out to be great teaching lessons for my friend Colleen and she turned out 3 of them (2 white and 1 red) during the weekend!  What an accomplishment!


The red bauble took 30 pairs of Guterman size 50 sewing thread and a mystery gold metallic for the workers in the fans.  The white bells were made with 4 pairs of Bockens 36/2 linen.


Here’s one of the bells in progress on my pillow:

IMG_1115 IMG_1114

The Shalom Center in Dubuque is a great place.  The rooms are comfortable, the food is excellent, and the conference room is spacious with lots of light.  There were 14 of us at the retreat.  Most were working on ornaments.  It’s always fun to get together with people that speak the same lace language!  It’s something I look forward to every year.

November 8, 2013

Retreat weekend is here!

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I’m Retreating with the Doris Southard Lace Guild this weekend in Dubuque.  It starts tonight but I decided to take the day off so I could get packed and decide what I’m going to work on.  Good thing, because here I am at 8 a.m. and I have no idea what I’m going to do!  Last year I had the big scarf project planned, but this year I’m just dithering.  Nothing on my pillows but an ornament, so I think I’m going to finish that and try to make a few more.  I’m getting excited; finished sewing the lace on my nametag this morning.  The nametag is very old (1995 or 1996?) and the lace is very well-traveled.  It’s a piece of Ipswich lace that I made and it went to Japan for the OIDFA conference a few years ago as a part of the American lace display.  It just happened to fit around my nametag.  I love the nametag because it has both a bobbin lace pillow and a tatting shuttle on it to show both my passions.  Hopefully I will have some finished lace to show after the weekend!


October 31, 2013

Blue bunnies

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Aren’t they adorable?  The pattern is by my new favorite designer, Susan B. Anderson.



October 6, 2013

Baby knitting

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When I was pregnant I wasn’t much of a knitter but I did crochet a blanket for the new babe.  This year I’ve had some friends that need baby items and I’ve made a discovery – baby knitting goes fast!  I’ve stretched my skills and learned a few things.

Rhonda has a new granddaughter, so I knit these little sweaters and hat from dishcloth cotton.


Vicki is expecting a new grand-nephew and asked specifically for a sweater vest.  I couldn’t resist adding a little pair of socks.


Angie has a new grandson and requested an aviator hat.  We had to have it in Pirate colors!


And now I’m knitting a toy bunny.  This isn’t designated for any particular baby yet, I might just have to keep him for myself.


I love knitting toys, but I hate the finishing work.  This is seamless all the way and so far it has been very fun.  I can imagine using up all my leftover sock yarn to make these little bunnies.

Here are the patterns I used:

One Baby Sweater by Erika Flory

Little Professor Vest by Christina Wall

Regan – Aviator Hat by Julie Taylor

Mini Sock Yarn Bunny by Susan B. Anderson

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