June 12, 2012


Posted in Bobbin Lace, Needle lace at 7:26 pm by dianelaces

I am making progress on my Romanian Point lace doily; just 4 more sets of bars and centers.  I’m getting tired of making these wrapped bars; I think next time I will mix it up a little and not leave them all for the end!

I’ve been making cord for my next project, which will be a design of my very own!  Exciting…

Also, I FINALLY finished the lace for my fan.  This lace was started at the 2010 Doris Southard Lace Guild retreat.  Even though I estimated it takes about an hour to do one repeat of the pattern, and there are 38 repeats,  there’s no excuse that this took a year and a half to finish.  Regardless, it looks great, I love ‘s Gravenmoerse lace, and now I just have to mount it on the fan.  The lace was designed to fit this fan and it looks like it will be a perfect fit.  I’m going to stitch it to the ribbon at the top of the fan sticks.  The only thing wrong with that is the white stitches that will show on the back.  I have an idea about how to hide that, do you have an idea for me to consider?


Close up of the fan lace