February 28, 2010

Second Ravelympics project done

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I am so pleased with my mittens, I won’t mind if it’s cold for a few more weeks!


February 27, 2010

Ravelympics scarf finished

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Finished my new scarf I’ve been knitting during the Olympics.  Am thrilled with it and am going to wear it today!  (And probably Monday to work.)

February 21, 2010


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I’m making good progress on my knitting projects during the Olympics.  Over halfway there on both projects and a week before the Olympics end.  Finished the first poetry mitten and most of the hand done on the second one.  Just two rows of words left and the thumb.  The scarf that is my mindless knitting when I can’t concentrate on the mittens is just the right palate cleanser for me.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been reorganizing my craft room.  It consisted of purging a cabinet of projects that I’ll never do (or finish), emptying drawers in the chest and making better use of the space.  I had bags of yarn sitting on the floor and a whole drawer of tote bags.  Yes, I love bags.  Bags are useful.  Things can go in bags when I need to go places.  I admit to being a bag-lady, but not a “bag-hag” – thanks Ted!!! 

So, the bags came out of the drawer, the yarn went in, and after $5.99 spent on a board with pegs, the bags have found their home on the wall.  I can’t make more floor space, but there are pretty tall walls in this house.

Even though we were under a winter storm advisory (that amounted to nothing) the sunshine came through the window and I knitted for a while in my refreshed craft room.

February 14, 2010

A personal challenge

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A year ago I decided I wanted to make the “poetry mittens” that were featured in an issue of Piecework magazine.  I took a class at FiberWild in Galena and learned to make two-color mittens.  (I’m pretty sure I blogged about it.)  So, I have finally started my version of the “poetry mittens.”

Don’t get excited family; this may be a one-time only project!

February 7, 2010

New knitting toys

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Spent part of Saturday with my new swift and yarn ball winder.  I turned this:

Into this: