October 3, 2015

Football season

Posted in Knitting at 10:03 am by dianelaces


Happily knitting lots of points on my #scoreboardkal scarf.  This is my son’s senior year as a football player so I am knitting the season for his team – all in one scarf.  The Pirate colors are blue and white so I knit one row for each point scored by Galena in blue and one row in white for each of their opponents’ points.  The grey rows signify the breaks between games. When it is done I will join the end to the beginning and have an infinity scarf with all the scoring for the whole season. I hope to have lots more blue than white!

This morning I am sitting snugly in my warm camper knitting up last night’s scores. The sun is shining but it’s very windy outside so in a minute I’m going to go out and wander around the campground and see who is here this weekend.