April 21, 2015

Small Things

Posted in Knitting, Tatting at 11:40 am by dianelaces

In February the Little Bobbins podcast had a little-a-long.  Small items, small people, “little” in the name of the pattern, etc.  That is why I knit the small stuffed heart in the last post.  At the same time I got a hankering to tat my favorite heart pattern, so I actually made two at that time.


I have so missed tatting that I jumped at a request to tat a cat for a co-worker.  She saw it on Pinterest and wanted it for a frame.  I couldn’t find a reference to the original designer so I can’t credit that person.  But if you know, please let me know.  It’s a very creative design, the cat is very recognizable, and I think I would like to make more patterns by this designer.  Here is the cat in process…I hope to finish it tonight.


I also finished my tea cosy with the little sheep on it.  Loved the pattern, learned a lot.  Did my first steeks, tried the Vikkel braid.  The cosy fits my smaller teapot, but it is tight.  I have a feeling this will be more decorative than functional for me.