September 12, 2007

Cruising on my lace

Posted in Bobbin Lace at 5:42 am by dianelaces

My ‘s Gravenmoerse lace for the hul (bonnet) is going very well!  I’m amazed at how quickly this pattern works.  I have nearly 11 inches done toward my goal of one yard.  I’m working the windmill section of the repeat now and have finally found a comfort level of managing all these bobbins on my bolster pillow.  I definitely think I’m going to invest in a wide roller or block pillow when the IOLI Convention comes to Rockford, IL next year.  I had hoped to get the lace done by Christmas and then have a couple of months to put the bonnet together – at this point I feel very good about the timetable.

The blue that you see under the lace is the pricking (pattern).  Otherwise the pattern of the lace did not show up when I took the photo.