September 7, 2013

Decision time – what do you do?

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Note to self: Look at your knitting!

I wrote the post below and started reading it and looking at the photos that I took of my project.  Hmmm, something looks funny.  I looked at the chart in the book – No that is NOT the way I am knitting it!  OMG!  I’ve made an error in the diamonds, I’m sure you can see it.  I’ve made the same error over and over and over.  What would you do?


One of my co-workers is expecting a baby in late November, so I decided I wanted to knit a baby blanket. I have been missing the Orenburg knitting since I finished my shawl in March, so I decided this blanket would be Orenburg-style, but in a heavier weight appropriate for a baby blanket. I chose the Brava sport yarn from Knit Picks because it was affordable, acrylic and washable. The yarn is gray because I wanted it light enough to show off the lace patterns, but still be gender neutral. Then I picked up The Gossamer Webs Design Collection by Galina Khmeleva to help me design the layout. Galina was my teacher at the IOLI convention last summer in Minnesota. I chose the Border 1 which is the basic border with a mouseprint. For the body I chose a diamond shape that is a combination of diagonals and strawberries. I did a lot of math and scribbling on graph paper and decided the blanket would be 4 diamonds wide by 4 diamonds high with an extra diamond centered in the garter stitch ground. There were still some adjustments on the fly, but overall it has knit very smoothly. Now that I am halfway through I am starting to see how the finished object is going to look and I’m very pleased. The size is going to be good also, about 36″ x 38″.




September 3, 2013

Presents in the mail!

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Today I got some presents in the mail. I started following the blog whatimuptotoday and she held a drawing for a giveaway amongst the followers of her blog. Sarah contacted me and asked me a few questions and today I got a sweet little package in the mail. I got a red knitted scarf! Red is my favorite color 🙂

It’s silk and mohair and lightweight and warm and luscious!

I also got some handmade cards.  The funny thing is, Ted and I have been talking about the horrible selection of greeting cards we find in the stores and have made a pact to try and use or find handmade cards whenever we can.  These will be put to very good use.


So, Sarah, thank you for your lovely and generous gift.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  You made my day.  Everyone, please check out Sarah’s blog, whatimuptotoday!