May 30, 2012

Recent projects

Posted in Bobbin Lace, Knitting at 7:55 pm by dianelaces

I haven’t been doing much stitching lately; too many good books to read.  But I have a square Romanian Point lace doily that is very close to finished, some knitted face cloths that just need the ends woven in, a finished bobbin lace bookmark that is going in the mail to my exchange partner, and a pair of knitted socks that have just gotten interesting.  I guess that’s a fair bit, but it still seems like low numbers to me.

Here are the face cloths that I’ve been knitting.  The Spa yarn is bamboo and acrylic and it has a really nice, soft drape and hand, even when wet.

I also finished a bobbin lace bookmark that is going to be sent to my exchange partner in England.  I hope she likes it.  This is one of my favorite patterns, designed by Susan Wenzel.