June 13, 2013

My knit kit

Posted in Knitting at 9:21 am by dianelaces

My Hippo goes everywhere with me.  She is made by Clover and is a hard-sided, zipped box that carries my essential knitting tools.  There’s nothing I need on a regular basis that won’t fit inside the Hippo.  Even my extended family recognizes the Hippo and knows  what it is if I ask someone to pass it over.


What I especially love about it is that it’s hard-sided so needles and scissors don’t poke you like those kept in a bag might.  Also, the zipper goes nearly all the way around so when the lid is open it stands nicely on the table.



Contents:  stitch markers, scissors, row counter, darning needles, needle gauge, wooden wpi gauge, needle tightener and cable extender for my interchangeable needles, size 8 steel crochet hook, size 0 dpn, small cable needle, size G crochet hook, a couple of stitch holders, tape measure, another row counter, needle protectors, and a handful of bread clips.  I use the bread clips for winding the tail of the yarn from the cast on so it doesn’t get in my way and so I don’t accidentally knit with it.

The Hippo is the essential kit, but I’m starting to put together more kits to drop in my multiple knitting bags.