May 25, 2009

Back to bobbin lace

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We recently had the warmest day of the year so far so I took my bobbin lace pillow out to the porch and enjoyed the sunshine.











I finished the bookmark over the weekend while camping and already have another one started so I can build up my stash.



The pattern is by Lacy Susan and the thread is size 70 Venne Colcotton with a Gold Rush gimp.  It’s a pretty mossy green.


May 18, 2009

Thinking about lace…knitting

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I’m planning to go to the IOLI Convention (International Old Lacers Inc.) in Los Angeles this summer.  So, I thought I should have something lacy to wear to the banquet on the last evening.  That’s the time that everyone wears the lace they’ve made, purchased, or collected.  I thought a lace shawl would be too ambitious to finish before the end of July, so a lace scarf or stole would be perfect.  After searching around, I found this Lily of the Valley Estonian lace knitted scarf.  (It will look better when it’s blocked.)










Then I saw this sweet little pattern called Summer Lace Shawlette that I got from Knitting Daily.  It’s just a small shawl to throw over your shoulders and I thought it would be perfect for sitting in those overly air-conditioned classrooms during the convention.  And, I had enough of the yarn in my stash, so I started it this weekend as well.








And, while I was admiring it and taking the photo I saw (gasp!) a giant hole in the stockinette area that goes over the shoulder!  Yes, this is lace, but there shouldn’t be a hole there in that spot!  So, I’ll be frogging back several rows. 

I’m mad at the shawl right now.  I think I’d rather put this project down for now and go wind bobbins to make some more bobbin lace bookmarks.

May 11, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

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Especially to the new mom, Kristi, for whom I made the blankie.  It’s so cool here she may even still get some use from it!

Moderne Baby Blanket

Moderne Baby Blanket









And to my mama and grandma for whom I made some tatted pendants.









I have a new project started for myself, but it’s not fit for photos yet.  Maybe after tonight…