January 25, 2011

Made it

Posted in Knitting at 6:24 am by dianelaces

I made it through the Christmas knitting crunch, and here we are again at January, aka The Month of Selfish Knitting.  I’m working on a large project for myself, but I don’t think I’ll have it done this month.  I’m almost to the halfway point.

This was the season of the knitted neckwarmer, all together I knit 8 of them and have not a single photo!  Also there were socks for my best brother-in-law and Christmas stockings for Mom.


Mom and Karen modeled their felted slippers for me.  Mom got hers last year for Christmas and I finished Karen’s this past summer.


They are so fun to make and wear that I made a couple more pairs for gifts this year.

I have been working on my bobbin lace for the fan and have made great progress on that project.  I hope to have it done soon because I’m already mentally working on the next idea.