August 22, 2015

Beautiful tatting thread

Posted in Tatting at 9:35 am by dianelaces


I promise to do a whole post about the IOLI convention and how it was amazing and inspiring. But that requires thought and this thread is all about the smile it gives me.

This was a sample spool of size 20 thread from Handy Hands. I am usually not one for highly variegated threads but I wound a little on my shuttle and immediately noticed the very short color changes. I got out my favorite Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior for a shuttle only motif and started working “Posy.”  It works out that nearly every ring is a different color!  How fun is that?



  1. Zarina said,

    That is a beautiful variegated thread. Have fun tatting.

  2. bella89si said,

    Very beautiful thread. I hope you will share with us the results of their work. I’m sure you’ll have a stunningly beautiful tatting product.

  3. Sharon Bader said,

    beautiful tatting thread! and am anxious to hear about IOLI; I make bobbin lace, also, but could not make it to the convention this year. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    would love to tat, but cannot find a teacher. love your work!

    • dianelaces said,

      Sharon there are so many wonderful tatting videos on YouTube and I’m sure you could learn from that. I learned from a book many years ago and tatted by myself for a long time before finding a lace group.

  4. I am blown away. I looked at your tatting and wondered how on earth you were able to make every ring a different color. I love it. How many DS and Picots were there in a petal if I might ask. I used a variegated thread and I just started tatting design. I looked at it and I think if I had started right where the color change was, that it would have come out similar to yours.
    Thanks!…..for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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