February 22, 2009

Works in progress

Posted in Bobbin Lace, Knitting at 10:40 am by dianelaces

I’ve started a Moderne baby blanket for one of my co-workers whose wife is due in May.  She was also Ian’s teacher at school last year.  Our family is liking the blankie so much that I might have to make one to have as a throw at home.  This seems to be a theme – making great things and giving them away!  I didn’t use baby colors hoping that this will be a blankie that will last the baby well into his or her college years.


I have also been working on my lace pillow the last couple of weekends.  I’ve got a little more than 26 inches of my Downton lace edging.  I think I’d like to make enough to edge a hanky.  I also copied the pattern and am starting to work on the pricking for my ‘s Gravenmoer fan.  I hope to get the bobbins wound today so I can take it to lace night tomorrow.