April 14, 2013

Smells like wet wool!

Posted in Knitting at 1:03 pm by dianelaces

I finished my Orenburg stole and have it blocking. It’s going to be huge and I love it! I’ve never used the string method before and boy is that easy. I wanted to have it done before the Knitting Pipeline retreat in 2 weeks so I can wear it. Now, I need to assemble some mindless knitting that I can do while at the retreat.



April 7, 2013

Cardigan finished, pullover started

Posted in Knitting at 12:40 pm by dianelaces

I finished my cardigan.  I love it and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it this winter and spring.  I finished it sometime in February.


I had to incentivitze myself to get it done.  At New Year’s I purchased a Crafty class called custom cabled pullovers.  I ordered the yarn, but told myself that I couldn’t even start watching the class until I finished the Circumnavigated Cardigan.  It did spur me on and I’ve started the pullover.  Here is one sleeve and the back.  I knit the sleeve to the armhole decreases, then put it aside to work the back so that I knew they would match.  The design and fit process has been quite challenging for me but I love it!  I’m using Universal Classic Worsted and the color is Royal Purple.


I’m very close to starting the top border of the Orenburg shawl, and I’m halfway done with a pair of socks for a friend.  The sad part with all this knitting is that ALL my bobbin lace pillows are naked!  I have a bookmark pricking on one of my roller pillows and I might wind some bobbins just to get something going.  I found an ornament pattern that I’d like to try, so that might be an option to get me going as well.