February 24, 2007

Progress made

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I have finished one sock for my brother Neil and started on the second sock.  Funny, I don’t seem to have difficulty with “second sock syndrome” but I am intrigued with the idea of knitting two socks at once.  It seems that his wife Rebecca has placed an order for socks, so maybe I’ll have to try that process on hers.  I bought a beautiful purple yarn for you Rebecca, so be patient and I’ll think you’ll like them.

Here’s your first blue sock, Neil…

Neil’s completed sock #1

I have also made progress on the baby surprise jacket for Madalynn.  I have only six rows to go including the buttonholes.  I will finish it on Monday night at my class.  We have been very sick in our house and I was so sick I couldn’t knit or make it to my class last Monday.  I’m anxious to see the progress that the others have made in the last two weeks.  Once I get Madalynn’s jacket done I think I’ll take her to the store and let her pick out her own buttons to put on it.  Plus, that way she’ll know that I made it for her!

Here is the funny shaped piece…

Knitted jacket piece, just six rows left to finish…

With two folds you can see how the jacket takes shape…

Jacket…almost finished

We are under a blizzard warning this weekend, so I plan to knit and watch movies!


February 12, 2007

Finished my vest

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My completed vest

I have just officially finished my first knitted garment…if you don’t count socks.  I knitted myself a vest from a Lion Brand pattern that I picked up for free in the fabric store.  I’m happy with it.  We are off work today for Lincoln’s birthday (love working for the government) and I decided it would be a perfect time to finish the vest.  I blocked the pieces last night because I figured it would be easier to sew the seams without pulling if all the pieces were blocked to the correct size.  I got out my trusty “Stitch and Bitch” book and followed the instructions for the side and shoulder seams.  The pattern calls for one button at the neck, but instead I decided to use a pretty wooden shawl pin that I got at the local yarn store, Fiber Wild.  I think I’ll wear it to my knitting class tonight.

I made lots of progress on my baby surprise jacket, so I’m at a good place for Amy’s help at tonight’s class.

February 8, 2007

Neil’s socks

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I started this pair of socks for my brother.  My husband likes the plain ribbed leg best, so that’s what I decided to do for Neil.  I was determined to learn how to knit Continental so the 2×2 ribbing would go faster.  I usually prefer to knit socks on double-pointed needles, but couldn’t quite handle that very well, so I switched to two circulars.  I’m planning a long weekend of knitting, switching back and forth from the socks to the little purple sweater.  Oh, I’m going to work on 6×6 inch knitted squares for Project Linus, also. nsocks-00000.jpg, nsocks-00001.jpg

February 7, 2007

Baby surprise sweater

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Knitting the baby surprise jacket

It’s winter and I had an itch for something new to learn, so I’ve started a class at my LYS.  For the next four weeks we are making Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby surprise jacket.  Since my baby boy is eight years old, I’ve decided to make it for my niece’s 2-year daughter.  I picked a pretty purple yarn, started the pattern Monday night and can’t seem to put it down!  I love how it’s coming together.

 If you aren’t familiar with the pattern (I wasn’t), you knit this oddly shaped piece, do a little sleight of hand and sew the shoulder/arm seam on both sides to finish it.  One lady in the class is making the adult size and I’m really curious to see how that works.  There’s nothing like working in a group to get excited about a project.