February 20, 2015


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A sweet little heart.


Even sweeter, for Emily and Ian.



February 9, 2015

Project updates

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I finished my Rhinebeck sweater!  I am so happy with how this turned out and I’ve gotten tons of wear out of it already.  I love the fit and the knitting was fun.  It is a project that I would consider knitting again.


Also, I have sheep emerging on my tea cosy.

wpid-img_20150201_113637_857.jpg  This project could be finished now, except that I have cast on two more projects.  Something about this time of year…

I started a lace scarf that I plan to join the end to the beginning for an infinity scarf.  I’ve been missing the Orenburg lace, so I found this scarf with a reversible cable on each edge in an old issue of Piecework magazine (2009).  I’m using the Mountain Colors Winter Lace that my mother-in-law gave me.  No idea of the colorway since she didn’t have the ball band any more.  It measures about 12″ now since I can hardly put it down.



And if that wasn’t enough, I wound the yarn for another pair of socks for Ted.  Yep, I cast them on this weekend.