August 20, 2008

Tatting things I learned at the IOLI convention

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I’m finally getting all my bits and pieces unpacked from convention and stopped to take photos of the techniques we sampled in Georgia’s tatting class.


This little shoe pincushion shows some of the different things we did with picots.

We snipped some of the picots open, interlaced them before closing, and made little inverted picots that make the ring look like a heart. 



I loved the interlaced picots – that is something I know I will be using in the future.

I also really loved the block tatting.  I immediately taught my neighbor how to do it also. 

I think I should have used a larger thread to make this little bell pattern go over the glass bell ornament, or at least added a couple more rows to move the blocks further down so they show off more.  I’ll probably try that; I do like how the pink shows on the pink ornament!


Here are my bits and pieces:

Block tatting
Interlaced picots
Oversized picot



I think the whole class had a good time; I know I did.  I’m inspired…

August 14, 2008

Downton lace project

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I came home from the IOLI convention and was so inspired that I immediately started a Downton lace pattern on my bolster pillow.  Also, I bought some more Downton bobbins from John Aebi at the convention, so now I have enough to use for this pattern.

This pattern uses 44 bobbins plus 2 gimps.  (Downton doesn’t count bobbins in pairs like other laces do, even though they are still used in pairs and the stitches are essentially the same.)  The bobbins are enchanting for me.  It takes getting used to because they are very short and harder to grasp.  They are also so smooth that at first they were slipping out of my hands!  I have a combination of bobbins from various sources.  I bought some on ebay; they are not as smooth and very light.  I bought some from other supplier that I can’t remember that name; the bobbins are the right size, but their shape is not as pointed as they should be and they feel a little heavier/denser.  I have 2 pair that I bought from Pompi Parry from England, the size and shape is nice.  The Aebi bobbins are so smooth!  He has continued to revise the shape after talking with Pompi.

From left to right these are Aebi (2008), Aebi (2004), Pompi, Aebi (2008), Aebi (2004), and Pompi.

The pattern I’m doing is #130 from 32 Downton Lace Patterns by Shelly Canning.


Finished projects

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Here are two pairs of socks that I finished as part of the Thrifty Knitters Sock Group on Ravelry.  The ones on the left are the Arch Shaped Socks in Knit Picks Essential (Pumpkin) yarn.  These were made for Tammy.  The ones on the right are the Mojo socks made for Dena out of Knit Picks Essential (Shale Multi).


Below is Absorba the Great bathmat from the Mason Dixon Knitting book.  I needed a square rug for the bathroom in our camper and the log cabin design is perfect for knitting square.  I think my next log cabin pattern will be a Moderne baby blanket for a friend who is newly expecting.

August 10, 2008

More IOLI convention

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I started out with the intention of taking lots of photos during the week…I think somewhere after Monday I fell behind on that goal!

Here are some of the fabulous drawing prizes we had.  The crazy quilt was absolutely beautiful with pieces of lace from all of us, including the convention logo piece that Janice Blair designed.  There were door prize drawings at all the meal gatherings and some of the most special pieces were saved for the banquet on Friday evening.


Monday evening was the Teacher Showcase.  This is a great time to meet all the teachers, see their work, and talk with them.  As organizers it was extremely helpful a couple of years ago when we were in the planning stages.  Many of them teach various techniques.  Click on the photos for a larger more detailed view.

  This is the work of Jean Leader.

 This is the work of Judy Zeiss, she is seated on the right.  This is the work of Ulrike Voelker.

 Galina Khlemeva – knitted lace,

 Sylvia Murariu and her Romanian Point Lace,

 Susan Wenzel’s ‘s Gravenmoerse lace.

One of the fun events was the Tatting Olympics.  There were several events – team relay tatting, tatting while walking backwards, two-person tatting (one working the right hand and the other working the left hand), team crossword puzzle, tatting with a bag on your head (or blindfolded).  I was glad to take 3rd place in the tatting while walking backward!

IOLI Convention

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The convention is over and it was a very busy week.  Janice, Jan, Brenda, Kris, and Sylvie all worked really hard and were extraordinarily organized, I thought.  It was a great thing to be a part of and I admit there was a little let-down when it was all over with.  I hope everyone who attended got home safely.  I had show and tell at home with all the things I bought and have already started preparing a pricking so I can get a new pattern going on the pillow.

One of the best parts was connecting with members of the newly chartered Doris Southard Lace Guild.  There are a couple in Dubuque who meet regularly and I hope to join them later this month.

I took 2 tatting self-improvement classes with Georgia Seitz.  While I didn’t complete many projects I learned so many techniques that are absolutely inspiring.  Things I’ve read about but never done like encapsulation and self-closing mock rings.  We did great things with picots, see the interlaced picots below.  I needed something to rejuvenate my tatting and this class really fit the bill. 


The convention started with a welcome by President and Mrs. Lincoln:


More later…

Cabled socks

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Finished the cabled socks and delivered them.  They felt really good, I love the Knit Picks Bare superwash merino yarn.


‘s Gravenmoer lace bonnet

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Finished the bonnet just in the nick of time!  Here is Karen and her family dressed for their Dutch dancing performance at Dutch Days.  It was cold, windy, and rainy that day.


They all looked great!