December 10, 2014

The theme of this year’s Christmas is…

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Background info:  My husband and his mother love opera.  A couple of years ago we bought her a DVD of La Boheme, her favorite opera, and had a Parisian-themed night for Christmas.  Earlier this week we were discussing our Christmas plans for this year.  Here is Ted’s email to his mother.  (And she is a Knitter.)

Hi Mom,

I must thank you, as I really hadn’t thought about or planned on a thematic holiday gathering this year…but your enthusiasm proved contagious. After considerable thought and consultation, we have come up with an idea that should fit like a home made wool sock…quite literally.

The theme of this years gathering is Sheep. Yep. Sheep. And all things sheep related. Not much thought is given to sheep, yet sheep were arguably the fundamental basis for economic activity through 1500 AD, both Old and New Testament continually refer to the relationship of God and Man as a shepherd/flock relationship, Hebrew shares the same term for “lamb” and “word”, and sheep figure prominently in the nativity story…or Christmas. It is to the shepherds tending their flocks that Angels first proclaim “Behold, we bring tidings of great joy”.

So we will feature sheep based entertainment, including a Christmas themed operetta called “Amahl and the Night Visitors“. We will dine on sheep themed goodies including lamb or Shepherds Pie. Gifts must be somehow related to sheep…or bundled with something that is…for instance, a video game for Ian would need to be wrapped in a Yarn Ribbon and addressed “For Ewe”. You get the idea.

So get ready to hoof on over to Galena on Christmas Eve, and prepare to celebrate Christmas with a special focus on the humble sheep, which has so benefited us all. Ewe won’t be disappointed.


Ted, Diane, and Ian

PS…those not wearing some form of wool garment will be coldly regarded.


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