November 30, 2014

Can’t. Stop. Knitting.

Posted in Knitting at 12:57 pm by dianelaces


I LOVE this sweater!  The yarn, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed – Flagstone Heather. The pattern, Rhinebeck from A Fine Fleece. The fit, the armholes aren’t too deep and the length is perfect. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough yarn because I had bought it for a different project. To this point I have used 8.5 balls and I have 7.5 left. I think I will be good, but just to be safe I am going to do the button bands and collar before I start the sleeves.

This is one size smaller than I would normally knit. I have lost quite a bit of weight this year and I am not at my goal yet. Some of my regular sweaters are too big, silly big, and I really need one to get through the rest of this season. It will fit, but with less ease than I am used to. Plus it will be an incentive for me to keep working toward my goal weight.


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