September 3, 2013

Presents in the mail!

Posted in Knitting at 6:48 pm by dianelaces

Today I got some presents in the mail. I started following the blog whatimuptotoday and she held a drawing for a giveaway amongst the followers of her blog. Sarah contacted me and asked me a few questions and today I got a sweet little package in the mail. I got a red knitted scarf! Red is my favorite color 🙂

It’s silk and mohair and lightweight and warm and luscious!

I also got some handmade cards.  The funny thing is, Ted and I have been talking about the horrible selection of greeting cards we find in the stores and have made a pact to try and use or find handmade cards whenever we can.  These will be put to very good use.


So, Sarah, thank you for your lovely and generous gift.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  You made my day.  Everyone, please check out Sarah’s blog, whatimuptotoday!



  1. salpal1 said,

    Yea! It made it safely. Sorry it took me so long, I waited to find out your favorite colors before I started it. The scarf looks beautiful on you!And I am so glad you like the cards! I had fun making those, too, but wasn’t sure they would be anything you could use. If you want to make cards, and don’t already have a room full of fun stuff to do it with, start at your local scrapbooking store – it’s how I got going – scrapbooking was just too much work for me, but I found I love making cards. 🙂

  2. salpal1 said,

    Reblogged this on whatimuptotoday and commented:
    Check out this post – This is what Diane got in the mail from me to celebrate my 100 followers. The scarf is two strands – one silk, one silk mohair – got it from Halcyon Yarn on Bath (Maine) and LOVED working with it. I’ll get more. I also sent her some handmade cards, unsure if they would be something she would like – turns out, she does, so I am feeling good about the things I chose to make for her.

    • dianelaces said,

      My MIL is infatuated with the scarf, do you know stitch you used? She wants to make one for a friend and I’m afraid she’ll sneak mine into her car when she leaves!

      • salpal1 said,

        I am glad she likes it! It is a really easy pattern, k 2 together, yo across the row, every row. I am just trying to remember if I started with on odd or even number of stitches. 🙂 You might find this on Ravelry, I think I found a similar one when I googled Mesh scarf, and I think it was called weekend scarf or something similar. I used a lighter yarn that the pattern called for, on larger needles than it would have demanded normally, so it would be lacy looking. Hope this helps!

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