February 3, 2013

Orenburg lace knitting

Posted in Knitting at 12:56 pm by dianelaces

I’m having an addiction problem.  My sweater that I’m so close to finishing?  Yeah, that has been set aside for the sexy challenge of lace knitting.  I just can’t put it down!

Last summer I took a class in Orenburg knitting with Galina Khmeleva at the IOLI convention.  This is the little sample pattern we worked to learn the basics of Orenburg knitting.


After I got home I picked up some DK weight yarn to make some dish cloths using and reinforcing the techniques I learned.


I have been a subscriber to Piecework magazine for many years and Galina has published many patterns in that magazine.  I wanted to knit a stole (rectangular shawl) but couldn’t find a pattern that pleased me.  I like the Snowflake Scarf in the January/February 2011 issue of Piecework, so I decided to triple the width of that pattern and it should make a nice sized shawl.

I cast on January 1, 2013 and have been unable to put it down since.  I have 34″ (unblocked) knit on my way to about 66″.





  1. Linda said,

    Holy cats! That is *so* impressive! Have you done anything else since Jan.1?? My hat is off to you….it’s gorgeous.

    • dianelaces said,

      Thanks so much! I forced myself to not pick it up yesterday and instead I finished the first sleeve on my cardigan while watching football.

  2. barbraabf said,

    That was really great work..

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