January 18, 2013

Sweater progress

Posted in Knitting at 6:02 am by dianelaces

I’m back to working on the circumnavigated sweater that I started last winter.  It is knit from a heavy Irish wool that I couldn’t face working on during the summer.  When I set it aside I had just divided the underarm stitches from the body and cast on the additional sleeve/shoulder stitches.  I don’t know how many hundred stitches were on the needle at that point, but the rows were LONG!

Once I finished my Christmas knitting and Audrey was here for the weekend before Christmas I started the raglan decreases.  After Christmas I was working the saddle shoulders.  It’s my first time doing those and I really like them.  Since New Year’s I have done the front button band and the shawl collar.  Love the shawl collar!  I love how it turns itself to lay back and since this sweater is going to be more like a jacket I love the warmth and coziness of the collar.  Last night I started knitting the first sleeve.  I think it will finish quickly from here.



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  1. Northern Narratives said,

    That is beautiful knitting.

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