April 11, 2012

Romanian Point Lace

Posted in Needle lace at 6:58 pm by dianelaces

I started crocheting the cord for Romanian Point Lace last year, but have only just gotten around to starting a project.  I followed the tutorial here on ThreadHead’s blog and this is my first finished piece.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it.  I can see some things I should have done better, but generally my tension was good.  There are some stitches I like better than others.  I used the six inner leaves as a sampler for trying different fillings.  I like doing the pinwheels; they definitely got easier as they went along.  My wheatears are bad, but I think I know what I did wrong.

I’m eager to start a new project already!



  1. lindo, maravilhoso,amei…………..!

  2. Dorina said,

    Foarte frumoada stea

  3. laceandbits said,

    Lovely piece of work.

  4. notewords said,

    Charming! And I’m trying NOT to get involved with another craft… You are luring me over to the dark side…

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