August 12, 2009

I love fans

Posted in Bobbin Lace, Tatting at 6:30 pm by dianelaces

The kind that move a breeze, that is!  I am a sucker for fan patterns and am likely to buy them whenever I see one.  Once upon a time I tatted a mini fan in a variegated black and grey thread.  This was before I learned how to hide the ends while I’m tatting, so this little piece is absolutely hidden beneath all the thread ends that need to be darned in.  Needless to say that thing is lying in a drawer!  Also, the best advice I ever received was to buy the fansticks first and make sure the pattern you choose fits the sticks instead of spending HOURS making the lace and not finding sticks to fit it.  I had started the ‘s Gravenmoerse fan pattern that I bought last summer, but I was unhappy with the start and decided to cut it off and start over. 

In the display room of the IOLI convention, there were many beautiful fans to look at.


















  1. Shirley McFarland said,

    I’m trying to get an email address for John Aebi and I noticed you referred to his fan sticks. Would you know how to contact him?
    Thank you for any help.

  2. Rania said,

    HI, my name is Rania and live in Alexandria, Egypt.
    I’ve started my tatting 2 years ago. am trying to make my first fan. i need help in mounting my fan. of course the tatted design is kind of thick as i used cotton pearle placed on tulle.
    any advise please?

    • dianelaces said,

      If your fan sticks have holes in them I would try sewing your tatting to the sticks. Otherwise I’ve heard it recommended to use a paste of white glue and water to glue the fabric to the sticks. I love tatting, but being bulky it might not allow the fan to close. You can still display it open and it would look lovely.

  3. Rania said,

    i’ve finally managed to have a lovely fan, how can i share it with you?
    also, can i have patterns of the above lovely ones in the pictures above?

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