March 29, 2009

Productive weekend

Posted in Bobbin Lace, Knitting at 5:39 pm by dianelaces

My men are gone for the weekend and I have been focusing on projects.

  • The first mitten is done and the second one has only 2″ left to go.
  • I put the zipper in the Oregon vest and it worked beautifully.
  • I altered a pair of pants that were too big in the waist (yay!)
  • Got hours of knitting done on the Moderne baby blanket and actually saw some progress

Last weekend I finished the brown Mojo socks for myself and wore them a couple of times already.  I pulled out some yarn and a few different patterns to knit a tea cozy for the teapot that I want to take to the camper.  I want it to be a fitted one instead of the hood/cover that I use at home.  The pot has a different shape and I think I’ve chosen the elements out of the three patterns that I want to use.  I thought I had it all figured out then realized that my idea was closed at the top and bottom and no way to get it over the pot!  I’ll let that idea keep “percolating” for a while and work it out some more in my head 🙂

Still on the needles besides the baby blanket and mittens are a pair of socks for Ted.  I’ll work on them tomorrow night while waiting for the boys to get home.  Also I haven’t worked on my bobbin lace for a week or so.  I thought to get to it today, but the mittens were just flowing for me.  It was a great day for knitting with the Cast On and CraftLit podcasts to entertain and energize me.


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