January 25, 2009

Finished Objects

Posted in Knitting, Tatting tagged , at 6:49 pm by dianelaces

Wow, I’ve never known Startitis to culminate in Finished Objects quite so quickly!  Cold days outside make for good knitting and crafting days inside.

Finished my green vest and boy do I love it!  I need to put a zipper in, but I couldn’t resist wearing it today anyway.  I have a brown zipper, but I want to go to the fabric store tomorrow night and find a green one if possible.


I also made a nice tatted pendant that happens to go well with the new vest.  It’s from Boutique Tatting by Marilee Rockley; a book I received from my honey for Christmas.  I got the beads at Galena beads and it took me an hour to pick out a handful of beads.  I’m hopeless and just agonized over the colors and having just the right beads for the project.  I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this pendant.  Mom saw it today and suggested what colors she would like to have!


And then I also finished my lace scarf last weekend.  I wore it to work one day but forgot to take a photo of it.  So, three big projects finished in the space of about 10 days.  I finally cast on for Ted’s socks today, but I haven’t gotten my bobbin lace project going yet.  That’s next on the list.  I also have the beads to make some tatting earrings out of the book and I’m looking forward to making them.



  1. Marilee said,

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the one you tat for your mom. I’m glad you are enjoying the pattern.

  2. tattingchic said,

    What a pretty necklace! You did a beautiful job. I love Marilee’s patterns, too!

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