January 4, 2009

Pretty, pretty socks for Me!

Posted in Knitting at 10:49 am by dianelaces

Finally!  I finished a pair of socks for me!  This pair of socks has been coming for a whole year and they are finally mine and done and I plan to wear them tomorrow.

I bought the yarn last winter intending to make a pair of socks for myself.  Found a lovely pattern (Salto), knitted away and realized the heel was too deep and they were too big for me; so I finished them for Ted.  I even had to buy more yarn to finish them.  Take two: there was a fair bit of yarn left so I started the Celtic Cable socks for myself in the summer.  I got nearly to the decreases for the toes – and ran out of yarn!  (Note to self – cables take more yarn than expected.)  I ordered more yarn, finished the socks, and realized I needed a birthday present for my mom.  Yes, she got the socks.  Take three:  I really liked that pattern, so I knit the Celtic Cable socks again for myself and just finished the socks with about 4 yards of yarn to spare!  I like the Knit Picks Risata yarn in Ash colorway, but I don’t think I want to knit it again for a really long time!

2008-00016 2008-000071


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