March 2, 2008

Ian’s socks finished and a cozy for my Zune

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Finished Ian’s socks on Sunday night and he wore them to school on Monday.  The next pair of socks I work on will be recreating a knee-high cabled sock that a gentleman wears with his Norwegian costume.  I’m looking forward to starting that project as soon as the yarn arrives from Knit Picks.

Here is Ian modeling his socks.

img_1925.jpg  img_1926.jpg  img_1928.jpg

I received a Zune mp3 player for Christmas that I absolutely love and never leave home without it.  I’m addicted to podcasts and I think the Zune manages them better than any other mp3 player.  Because I’m scared of scratching it and banging it around, I decided to knit a felted cozy for it that I can hang around my neck.  The pattern came from Knit Picks and I had to downsize it quite a bit because the ipod it was designed for is larger than my Zune.  It works well, but it’s not the ideal solution for me.  I’m glad I finished it, even though my sister rolled her eyes when she saw it 😉

This is the case before I cut the openings.


After cutting.  The zune screen goes so close to the edge of the device that it leaves very little left.  I also oriented the zune upside down so I can just flip it up and look at it.  And the headphone cable comes out of the bottom of the device.

img_1934.jpg  img_1936.jpg



  1. Arlene said,

    Not only is the ipod case tooo cute, but just as I clicked off the pic, I had to go back! Beautiful tatted edging! I love the color combinations!

    Nice blog

  2. notability said,

    Notability says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. Mainz said,

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Mainz!

  4. zune cables said,

    Good read, I love my Zune so far. If you need Zune cables or accessories try this site out.

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