April 5, 2007

Ipswich lace

Posted in Bobbin Lace at 7:26 am by dianelaces

I’ve had my portable pillow out lately and am working on a narrow Ipswich lace edging.  I usually keep this pillow at our camper, but since we haven’t opened up yet for the season I’ve enjoyed something different to work on.

img_1603.jpg img_1605.jpg

I love this lace.  This lace was drafted by Karen Thompson.  Following is the information that she provides with the pattern.

“The Smithsonian has a lace pillow that was used by Elizabeth Lord Lakeman of Ipswich, MA on which she made her lace.  There was a card tucked in the illow that read, ‘She lived to be over 90, worked on this pillow the day she died.  She feared she lacked ‘dying grace’ but God took her while she knelt in prayer.'”  She goes on to say that Elizabeth was born in 1767 and died in 1862.  I love the feeling of connection that I get when working this pattern.

I’ve started a pair of socks for myself using the same eyelet pattern that I made for Rebecca.  I really enjoyed working it.  And I love having a small project that I can tuck in my purse for stolen moments of knitting.



  1. jbroneske said,

    Where did you find the portable pillow? Are their instructions for making one?

  2. Rosiejpm said,

    I love patterns with history 🙂

    • dianelaces said,

      I do too! It’s such a moment of connection with the past.

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