March 4, 2007

Baby surprise jacket finished

Posted in Knitting at 9:36 am by dianelaces

I finished the baby surprise jacket!  The knitted piece looks like this:

Knitted piece

And with a couple of folds, the sweater comes together like this:

knitting-00004.jpg knitting-00006.jpg knitting-00007.jpg

So, on Saturday we went to visit my sister and Madalynn chose the buttons she liked and I sewed them on the sweater for her.  It fits her perfectly and the shorter sleeves will be perfect for the next few months.

knitting-00011.jpg knitting-00010.jpg

It was a very fun project.  Now I’m looking forward to starting something new on my bobbin lace pillow.



  1. Neil said,

    Here socky, socky, socky. Come here boy, come here. SOCKY! Where are you!

    *****L O S T**********

    Name: Socky
    Color: Blue
    Last seen: Galena, IL
    Reward for any information leading to the return of SOCKY

    ****L O S T************

  2. Diane said,

    Socky’s twin brother, Sox, has now been weaned from his mother’s knitting needles and soon both will be traveling from Illinois to their new home in Connecticut.

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