February 7, 2007

Baby surprise sweater

Posted in Knitting at 2:43 pm by dianelaces

Knitting the baby surprise jacket

It’s winter and I had an itch for something new to learn, so I’ve started a class at my LYS.  For the next four weeks we are making Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby surprise jacket.  Since my baby boy is eight years old, I’ve decided to make it for my niece’s 2-year daughter.  I picked a pretty purple yarn, started the pattern Monday night and can’t seem to put it down!  I love how it’s coming together.

 If you aren’t familiar with the pattern (I wasn’t), you knit this oddly shaped piece, do a little sleight of hand and sew the shoulder/arm seam on both sides to finish it.  One lady in the class is making the adult size and I’m really curious to see how that works.  There’s nothing like working in a group to get excited about a project.


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  1. Benoit said,

    I’ve been looking for the pattern to experiment with since I don’t knit wel;l enough to call myself a knittter! LOL Can you share the pattern?

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