May 15, 2015

Me Made May – Week 2

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It’s coming to the end of the second week and I wore something hand made each weekday, without duplicating anything so far!

Monday, May 11 – Filey socks by Ingleside Belle.  This is one of my favorite sock patterns, truly a unisex pattern.  I’ve knit these for both my husband and myself.


Tuesday, May 12 – Verdant shrug by Gina Bonomo.  This was a great use of mystery yarn that was in my stash.  I wear it to work, and I wear it over my jammies.  So useful and comfy!


Wednesday, May 13 – ‘s Gravenmoerse bobbin lace pendant and bracelet.  Just like the gold one I wore last week, but this on is in blue.  I especially love the bracelet.


Thursday, May 14 – Lily of the Valley Estonian scarf by Helen Wallin.  I knit this in 2009 to wear to the IOLI convention that year.  One of the first lace knitted things I made.


Friday, May 15 – My favorite blue scarf.  You have seen this one on here before, but I can’t resist it.  The color is so cool and calming and yet summery.


May 11, 2015

Me Made May – Week 1+

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I’m participating in the Me Made May challenge with the Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast.  The first week went pretty well and it was fun.  I looked at my things in a new light.

Friday, May 1 – Rusted Root, knitted in 2009 with Knit Picks Cotlin yarn.  My first attempt at a pullover.


Monday, May 4 – Meadowlark by Amy Swenson, knit in 2014 with Trendsetter Yarns Cash Woole.  It didn’t fit until I lost 50 lbs.  Still could stand to be blocked out some more, but I like it.


Tuesday, May 5 – Starlace Infinity Scarf by Pearl Morgan.  Knit in 2013 with Bijou Basin Ranch Shangri-La that I inherited from my mother-in-law.  She bought the yarn and discovered she doesn’t like knitting with laceweight yarn.  I encourage her to buy more laceweight!


Wednesday, May 6 – a ‘s Gravenmoerse bobbin lace pendant.  Not sure what year I made this, probably 2009.  I get out of the habit of wearing my lace.


Thursday, May 7 – Vintage Vest by Linda Burt.  This was knit in 2010 with Red Heart Sock & Sweater yarn.  I don’t like the goofy thing going on with the notches, but I really like this vest and get a lot of wear from it in the summer.


Friday, May 8 – Tatted Celtic Knot earrings.  Love these!  Wear them all the time.


May 1, 2015

Finished objects

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I’ve had a couple of items finished for a while now that I keep forgetting to blog about.  These two items have been worn frequently since I finished them.

This shrug is called Verdant by Gina Bonomo.  I downloaded it as a free pattern because it called for the exact yardage of a mystery yarn that was taking up space in my stash.  It was a funny blue, worsted weight, somewhat thick-and-thin yarn that passed a burn test.  I never looked at shrug patterns because they always looked tight and too small and I didn’t think they would look good on my body.  I liked the look of the longer, flowing sleeves on this one.  I made it a little longer than the pattern called for to use up more of the yarn and I absolutely love it.  I wear it a lot – to work, bumming around, even over my pajamas!  There’s nothing better than when a project surpasses expectations like that.  You can see more info on my Ravelry project page.


The next project is the lacy scarf that I’ve talked about before.  Once it was finished, blocked, and grafted I wore it for the next three days.  Surprisingly the color goes with quite a lot.  I like the reversible cables on the edge because they give it quite a bit of stability instead of it just lying limp around my neck.  And the narrow zigzag lace pattern shows up no matter how it drapes.  Since I love it so much and it was such an enjoyable knit I ran out and got another skein of the Winter Lace Junior yarn and am knitting it again in a different colorway.  This one will probably be a gift for someone.


It pleases me so much when projects turn out better than I imagined!

Me Made May

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There is a thing going around some of the sewing blogs where people use the month of May and wear garments every day that they made. I am going to try this, but my goal is to wear “something” I have made each weekday.  I don’t sew garments, but between my hand knits and some of the lace jewelry and accessories I have this might be possible.  We will see!
Here are some of the things you might see in the next month.




April 21, 2015

Small Things

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In February the Little Bobbins podcast had a little-a-long.  Small items, small people, “little” in the name of the pattern, etc.  That is why I knit the small stuffed heart in the last post.  At the same time I got a hankering to tat my favorite heart pattern, so I actually made two at that time.


I have so missed tatting that I jumped at a request to tat a cat for a co-worker.  She saw it on Pinterest and wanted it for a frame.  I couldn’t find a reference to the original designer so I can’t credit that person.  But if you know, please let me know.  It’s a very creative design, the cat is very recognizable, and I think I would like to make more patterns by this designer.  Here is the cat in process…I hope to finish it tonight.


I also finished my tea cosy with the little sheep on it.  Loved the pattern, learned a lot.  Did my first steeks, tried the Vikkel braid.  The cosy fits my smaller teapot, but it is tight.  I have a feeling this will be more decorative than functional for me.


February 20, 2015


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A sweet little heart.


Even sweeter, for Emily and Ian.


February 9, 2015

Project updates

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I finished my Rhinebeck sweater!  I am so happy with how this turned out and I’ve gotten tons of wear out of it already.  I love the fit and the knitting was fun.  It is a project that I would consider knitting again.


Also, I have sheep emerging on my tea cosy.

wpid-img_20150201_113637_857.jpg  This project could be finished now, except that I have cast on two more projects.  Something about this time of year…

I started a lace scarf that I plan to join the end to the beginning for an infinity scarf.  I’ve been missing the Orenburg lace, so I found this scarf with a reversible cable on each edge in an old issue of Piecework magazine (2009).  I’m using the Mountain Colors Winter Lace that my mother-in-law gave me.  No idea of the colorway since she didn’t have the ball band any more.  It measures about 12″ now since I can hardly put it down.



And if that wasn’t enough, I wound the yarn for another pair of socks for Ted.  Yep, I cast them on this weekend.


January 18, 2015

Tea cosy knitalong

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The Tilly Trout podcast group started a tea cosy knitalong on Monday. I bought and wound the yarn Monday but didn’t get a chance to cast on until Saturday. Getting used to managing stranded knitting again has taken some time but this morning I feel like I am back in the groove of things. I chose this pattern because it has steeks in it, which I have never done but have been itching to learn. Also, I did my first Vikkel braid and I love the look of that technique. I will probably pick up some simpler knitting for football watching this afternoon. The thing about color work knitting is that you want to keep going to see that pattern develop!


The sheep feet are starting to emerge!

January 3, 2015

New sock day?

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The needles are flying this morning and I may be wearing new socks tonight!

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

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I am reacquainting myself with all my current works in progress and worked a little on each of these today, some more than others!
1. Purple cable sweater from Craftsy class. Just needs sewing up and knit the neckband. (For me)
2. Rhinebeck sweater. Started the collar. Needs sleeves. (Me)
3. Green hat, Cousteau pattern. (Gift)
4. Purple slouchy hat, my pattern. (Gift)
5. Socks, plain vanilla with a couple of cables. Fish lips kiss heel. (Me)
6. Sock yarn blanket. (Me)
7. Bobbin lace ornament. Getting a head start on next Christmas! (Gift)

Can you believe while I was working on these I was planning several new projects?  Yes, it’s true!  I want to knit another baby sweater and would like to have some Orenburg lace on the needles. This weekend I have some tatting planned – my little tree needs a longer garland. It is going to be a good year!

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